Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lessons in bedtime...

I wasn't sure that bedtime was going to happen tonight. The Princess started the bedtime routine at 8:00. It is now 9:45 and she is still awake. She has gotten up to go to the bathroom no less than 6 times since I put her down. It breaks my hear to hear her yelling for me and crying, but I know I have to be strong. She is quiet now, which just makes me want to go in there and snuggle her- especially after her prayers tonight.
    "Dear Jesus,
   Thank you for my Mama, Daddy, Ella (the dog), Mama, Boo, Katie (her aunt), and my Mama." She breaks at this point to look and me very seriously and say, "I prayed for you lots 'cuz I love you a lot." Back to Jesus, "I love you too, Jesus. Amen."

So, you are probably asking how, in the world, I could make her cry after that. Trust me, it is taking a lot of patience and willpower. I just want her to get back to the point where she can go to sleep on her own. I know she can do it.

Time for me to start heading to bed. I know that when I say my prayers tonight I will be thanking God for my amazing children. (Praying for them lots 'cuz I love them lots!)

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