Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lesson in love...

Wow...Time has flown by! I have been LOVING my summer off with the kids, but it is going by way too fast. Boo has changed so much in the last few weeks. He has started rolling over and is trying so hard to talk. He babbles all the time! 

I love that Boo gets so excited when people enter the room, especially me or Marc. However, there is no excitement that compares to his reaction when the Princess gets close to him. The love he has for her is so amazing. He can be crying his eyes out, but if she sits next to him and holds his hand, he just stops and grins. 

Marc and I were worried about how the Princess would react to having a baby in the house after being an only child for almost three years. Every once in a while she will act a little jealous, maybe get irritated with us, but she has never taken it out on Boo. He can do no wrong in her eyes. I was nervous today when he started chewing on one of her blankies, but she just told me that she needed a new one because Boo needed that one. At lunch today, I told her that I loved the way they love each other and I hoped they would always be best friends. She looked at me and immediately said, "Boo will always be my best little buddy, Mama." (My heart felt so full!)

Today my children reminded me what true love is. It is full, unconditional and unending. At nap time, the Princess and I had a talk about how much we all love each other and how God loves us all even more than that. I love how easy our conversations about God are. She just accepts these facts without question. (Yet another lesson for me- don't question- just believe!) 

Sorry that this entry is a little less focused than some of the others- I'm writing it in a hurry as we anticipate losing power in the storm tonight. (God's way of teaching me to back away from the computer and have family time?)

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  1. Funny how siblings have that effect on each other. My niece has the same calming effect on my nephew.

    They are a treat watching them interact, no ?