Friday, July 1, 2011

Lesson in making memories...

The Princess taught me a little lesson today. The majority of the time, she is completely happy to walk on her own and be as independent as I will allow her to be. On the rare occasions that she asks to be carried, I usually tell her to "walk like a big girl." Today, I realized that it won't be long and carrying her won't be an option. My sweet, tiny girl is growing much faster than I realized, or care for. Where did my tiny baby go? I made it a point to hold her as much as I could today. Her three years have gone by so quickly! I can only imagine that the next three will seem even faster, especially now that I have two little pumpkins!

My goal for today was to slow down time a little and try to make memories with her. We sat in the kitchen floor, (with Boo in his Bumbo), and played with playdoh. We explored two Christian bookstores. We met Marc for lunch. We even had a 'jama party before she went to bed. I can't be sure that she will remember any of this, but I know that I will.

I hope I will stop turning down chances to hold the Princess and remember how rare those opportunities are becoming. More importantly, I hope that I start making more of an effort to create special memories with both kids. We had lots of fun times today, but my favorite of all was right before bedtime. The Princess, Boo and I all climbed into her bed and snuggled while we read the new toddler devotional that we bought today. We thanked God for our endless blessings and prayed that he be with Marc while he was at work. Then I was lucky enough to watch my children snuggle each other to sleep. God is so unbelievably good!!

The following is a link to the new devotional that we bought today. Very age appropriate for the Princess. She really enjoyed it tonight!

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