Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today, we signed a contract on our new house. I cannot wait to be in a house where everyone has their own space! I love the new house, the new neighborhood, the idea of starting over in a house that we picked together- rather than my husband's former bachelor pad. I do have some hesitations though...the schools make me a little nervous. As a teacher, I know that you cannot judge a school solely on the website or online reviews. Anyone can write the reviews and there is no one to moderate or verify the comments. I also am well aware that you can not tell what a school's behavior issues are when looking at SOL scores or those comments. I'm lucky enough to know someone who teaches at the school my children will attend...some fears were eased and some new ones brought to light. When it comes down to it, I have to hope that my children have good teachers who appreciate that Marc and I will do everything we can to help our children be successful. 

My lesson today was in faith. I have prayed (the whole time we have been house-hunting) that God would put it on my heart when we found the right house for us. I had to have faith that when it seemed like we were never going to find the "right one," God had a plan for us and would show us the way. That seems to have I have to have faith that everything is right here...including the schools. Luckily, I know that God will never leave my children. No matter what situation they are in, God will be there. That is a very comforting feeling. 

This next month is going to be stressful I'm sure. Packing, purging, painting, moving, unpacking, organizing...all while working and caring for my family. So thankful to have God with me during all of this...hoping he keeps me calm and patient!

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