Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My first blog entry...

I am writing this blog for selfish reasons. I have decided that I spend far too much time wishing that things were different, and not nearly enough time appreciating the lessons that are provided to me daily. Perhaps my life WOULD be different, if I learned from the lessons and made different choices. Some of these lessons come from friends and family, some from experiences and some from observations. Lately though, most of my lessons have come from the innocence of my children. Since I am not teaching over the summer, I have found myself working very hard on my patience with my own children. 

My daughter is three and absolutely amazing. She is so inquisitive, imaginative and excited- about everything! She is constantly teaching me and I am finally starting to slow down and listen. 

My son is four months old and super special. He is so calm, happy and easy-going. Now that I am working on being a better learner, I'm realizing all the lessons that he has to teach me as well. 

The purpose of this blog is to make me stop and think about the daily lessons I am learning. I'm sure that there will repetitions (I can admit- I don't always learn the first time!). Please feel free to offer any lessons that you have learned as well!

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